Twitter in the Classroom

What is Twitter?

Twitter is 140 character miniblog that answers the question "What are you doing?". Each post is known as a tweet and users 'follow' the tweets of their network. Often the tweet describe what an idividual is doing, or working on. However there are many more possibilities, tweets can be responses to other tweets, questions to your twitter network, links to interesting resources. It is really hard to wrap one's head around until you start tweeting and build a personal network.

Horizon Project 2007 - Uses Twitter to connect students from 5 classrooms around the world. In this instance students created a wiki page dedicated to their twitter badges and they could see what group members were working on.


“Reading, prepping for grad class, putting off running until it warms up a bit.”

After this post one student twittered that she just bought a pet rabbit. Another noted that a topic from the class was being discussed on a TV-news report.

The immediacy of the messages helped the students feel like more of a community, Mr. Parry said in an interview Monday. “It was the single thing that changed the classroom dynamics more than anything I’ve ever done teaching,” he said

In some cases, a shy student would type an observation or question on Twitter, and others in the class would respond with notes encouraging the student to raise the topic out loud. Other times, one of the professors would see a link posted by a student and stop class to discuss it.


DigMe Program: High School Using Twitter

University Experiment

Ideas On Using Twitter

  • Introduction (location, opinion about something, etc)

  • TwitterFall.Com (see what people are saying about someone or something)

  • Twittermap.Com

  • HistoricalTweets.Com (great for history class)

  • TweetStory (ask network to continue story using a tag # or just write a short story)

  • (Twitter Poll)

  • Find another school and become twitterpal (just like pen pal)

  • Class discussion

  • Both parents and student (for minors) should follow you on twitter. Post homework, what happend in class, etc.

  • More ideas @